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Friday, September 18, 2015

50 Favorite Albums: 28

My first exposure to the Christian Zucconi-lead band, Grouplove, came at the September 17th, 2014 taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers and I was pretty impressed with their performance. I immediately added their station to my Pandora and I quickly came to develop an appreciation for many of their songs, most of which came off their album which was described by Spin as "[evoking] pop colors bright enough to glow at tempos just short of manic." It's a perfect detailing of Grouplove's style of music: bright, fast, and happy. Love Will Save Your Soul, Colours, Tongue Tied, and Itchin' on a Photograph embody these adjectives and are some of my personal recommendations from the album. Enjoy if you listen!

Never Trust a Happy Song: 2011 alternative indie pop album from Grouplove.

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