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Friday, September 11, 2015

50 Favorite Albums: 35

OneRepublic has always seemed like one of those bands that everyone could easily hate, but they just keep managing to make good music. And their album, Native, was so well-orchestrated that it managed to release multiple single after single and make each of them hits. In August of 2012, Feel Again was released as a single and it did very well off of Native. Then, singles were continuously released until more than two years later, concluding in September of 2014 with I Lived, also known as that great song from The Office's final season promos. Additionally, arguably OneRepublic's magnum opus, Counting Stars sent shockwaves throughout the radio world. It's damn good album.

Native: 2013 pop rock album from OneRepublic.

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  1. Fun stuff, always enjoy and appreciate what pleases you and makes you happy!