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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jurassic World

My discussion of the movie, Jurassic World, is long overdue, but I am very pleased to be bringing it to the blog now because it's better late than never. I love the first movie in this franchise which everyone rightly knows as Jurassic Park. It's an amazing movie. It's just the best. I've gushed about it before, but I knew when going to see Jurassic World that it never had a chance to be better than Jurassic Park. The best it could do was do the original film justice. And it did that and then some! It's really everything Jurassic Park fans could have wanted, a vast improvement over The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3. There was the perfect blend of nostalgia, kick-ass scenes, and Jurassic Park theme music. When I first heard it, I became excited and when the song climaxed, I damn near cried. (The tears were much more real when the two kids went to the old visitors center from the first movie.) I didn't think Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle with four raptors could be topped, but the final battle scene managed to do it. Not only do we get a T-rex and Blue team-up against the Indominus rex, but we get to see ol' Rexy redeem herself to become the hero when she was once the villain. "We need more teeth" is a line that will forever give me chills. And what a great callback to The Goldblum. I won't spoil the ending ending, but god. Such a great movie. I'm so glad it was so great.

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  1. I loved it, too. Such a great action movie and an awesome sequel to the original!