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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Inside Out

Yesterday I posted about Jurassic World, an excellent summer blockbuster that became the third-highest grossing movie of all-time recently. But today, I'm going to post about another movie I saw relatively close to when I saw Jurassic World, a movie that varied very differently in content, tone, characters, and thematic development. Inside Out. I'm sure you've heard the onslaught of critics who claim this movie to be Pixar's long-awaited "return to form," as it were and they're just so absolutely right about that. Toy Story 3 was one of the greatest movies ever made and it came out in 2010. Then, Cars 2 was really bad. Brave was something of a betrayal from Pixar. Monsters University was underwhelming. Now, Pixar is back with Inside Out, a perfect movie for the culture of reform. My initial interest came from the amazing voice cast. Bill Hader as Fear, the emotion. Lewis Black as Anger and Phyllis Smith as Sadness. Paula Poundstone and Bobby Moynihan voiced a tandem role, Richard Kind was cast, Rashida Jones had a small part. But, of course, Amy Poehler played Joy and Mindy Kaling played Disgust. An amazing cast that immediately had my interest. But the movie and the story of itself was just too perfect. It was really pleasing visually, but it also dealt with one of the best themes for "children's" movies, that of how children do not need to be happy all the time. (This was emphasized with some of the best symbolism in cinematic history.) I recommend this for everyone, especially those who enjoy movies that buck the tropes and stereotypes of most films. Inside Out doesn't even have an outright villain! Bing. Bong. Forever.

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