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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Days of 2012

I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just 12, so here's a wide array, in chronological order, of course!

January 1: The very first day of 2012. We visited the Corrigan's, plus the Gators won the Gator Bowl!

January 8: The day that Tim Tebow silenced the haters for a little bit as he defeated the Steelers in overtime.

January 22: The day that the Patriots won the AFC Championship after Billy Cundiff botched a kick!

January 30: It was a bitter sweet day as I viewed the series finale of Chuck.

February 14: Valentine's Day! I spent it at the local senior center helping out them old folks.

February 23: This fateful day was the same one where the Book Professionals was created.

February 29: Leap Day is a day for miracles! I was cleared to walk again AND Adam Richman wrote to me on Twitter!

March 15: I may have had strep throat, but it was the day I learned that I would have a niece come fall!

March 23: The day I celebrated my best friend's birthday at his own house after school.

April 14: The day that we left on our Floridian vacation. The day was filled with tweets and Cracker Barrel.

April 16: DisneyQuest day! It was our first time trying the place out and it was pretty neat.

April 17: EPCOT day! The second time was the charm for this park, highlighted by the Mexican restaurant.

April 18: Universal day! Half the day was spent at the park and the other half at my cousin's home.

April 19: Magic Kingdom day! Transit Authority, Splash Mountain, fireworks, and Dole Whips. Nuff said.

April 24: Nothing more can be said of this day other than. Pluto chases kid with Benny Hill music.

April 28: The day I saw Think Like a Man, comforted by the fact that I'd be in Fall River the next day.

May 5: Not being conceited, but my birthday was awesome. Saw the Avengers at midnight and Wazim was there. Followed by Elm Centre Cafe and MexiCali Grill!

May 28: The day in which I left for Washington DC. It was quite the fun bus ride.

May 31: The Thursday in DC. I may have been sick out of my mind and I don't remember the day, but it was fun, I believe.

June 5: The eighth grade Boston field trip. Fannueil Hall was quite mysterious...

June 8: The grad dance highlighted by blue pants, blue bowtie, pink shoes, and an orange vest.

June 12: The last day of school always has a spot! A ceremony with a speech followed by a round of golf.

June 23: The day of Wiff-ALS where I played wiffleball as a part of a successful world record attempt.

June 26: The day where I went to Fenway Park to watch the Sox down the Jays, 5-1!

July 11: Always much love each and every year for the coveted ESPY award show.

July 18: The Tuesday in Maine. Goldenrod, the beach, and more! Too crazy to have each Maine day.

July 31: The day I went to my friend's house, walked to Wal-Mart, and kayaked across the lake.

August 5: A nice trip to Blackstone Valley, topped off by rain and handball with Brenden.

August 10: The eventful day in which I went to Canobie Lake park with a chum. It rained, but was fun rain.

August 14: The eventful day in which I went to Six Flags with awesome people. A jolly time!

September 1: Wake up. Run a 5K. Come in 90th out of about 350. Then have a fun family cookout!

September 9: Bittersweet day. Had to retire the pink hyper dunks, but watched the Pats win the opener!

October 19: The day that my niece, Sophie, was born! I was sleeping while it happened, but it was good.

October 20: The day that I held Sophie. It was an awesome day topped by a Gators chomping!

November 6: Election Day. Romney was defeated finally. Obama prevailed. Evil never wins.

November 22: A very delicious Thanksgiving. For dessert? The Patriots crush the Jets via Buttfumble.

November 26: The day in which Weekend in Thailand was filmed. It was cold, but fun.

December 19: The day I portrayed Johnny Appleseed in history class. Got a 95. Yessir!

December 24: Christmas Eve is always one of my favorites. This year's didn't disappoint.

December 25: Of course! Gotta finish it with Christmas, of course. Traditions were kept with lots of fun!

A great year 2012 was! Here's to 2013!

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  1. Awesome diary of the year! Sounds like tons of fun! Here's to an even better 2013!