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Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 Shows of 2012

12. Sportscenter. I always watch it every morning and it's always very great. Lots of work goes into that. For that, I thank it.

11. Psych. Their possibly final season might be coming up, but I still want to know what happened last season! So funny!

10. 30 Rock. Things are up a notch for the final season. Who knows how it will end? Will Liz even stay married? Who knows?

9. Hawaii Five-O. This show continues to be one of the few dramas that manages to catch my interest. Each episode has potential. Plus, Scott Caan.

8. Go On. This new comedy from Matthew Perry is sure to be on the list for years to come. I love it already. Hope it can stick around and not get cancelled.

7. Hotel Impossible. A new discovery this year, I was immediately hooked. Anthony Melchiorri's assertiveness is just so great.

6. College Gameday. Every time that they travelled to Gainesville this season, the Gators chomped. Big thanks for the Corso.

5. Billy on the Street. Another new discovery from 2012, Billy Eichner can be counted on to make every episode ever hilarious. For a dollar!

4. The Office. It's dropping quickly. It's still my all-time favorite and I expect it to be much higher next year. Still improving? How does it do it? So great.

3. Chuck. The final season of this show was B.A. The series finale was greatly amazing. Plus, never go wrong with Jeffster.

2. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon is definitely going to be the next mega-superstar. Each episode is new, hilarious, and exciting!

1. Community. How could I not pick it? Digital Estate Planning, Introduction to Finality. Two of the greatest. Six seasons and a movie!

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  1. Bet you can't wait for Community to return! And thanks for turning me on to Billy on the Street. Weird, but funny!