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Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 Movies of 2012

12. American Reunion. I only saw a little bit, but give me a break. It's hard to see 12 movies in a year. So, technicalities it is!

11. The Book Professionals. I'm not sure that this counts.

10. Weekend in Thailand: Part II: Chapter IV: Book VII: The Movie: The Sequel. It's all in the title.

9. Dinosaurs. A documentary from Dinosaurs. I slept through it. It will get better because these are real movies, now.

8. Dark Shadows. Had to put it in. One of the few movies I saw. Didn't care for it. Maybe the atmosphere I was in got it higher.

7. Madagascar 3. Better than the second at least. A good way to close out the franchise.

6. The Dark Knight Rises. I technically didn't see it, but the trailer was good enough to convince me that it was going to be amazing.

5. Four Nights in October. The story of how the Red Sox came back from being down 3-0 to beat the Yanks in 2004. Loved the drama so much. It was so good.

4. Men in Black 3. Saw this one at the drive-in. Once again, better than the second. It was a good way to end the franchise. Will Smith was awesome as always and Josh Brolin was also great.

3. Think Like A Man. A pretty quality movie with Kevin Hart. Humorous, but not so much of a rom com. I liked it!

2. The Avengers. I almost put this at number one. The awesome, action, superhero film was so awesome with a great ensemble cast. No surprise it made a billion dollars plus.

1. Here Comes the Boom. It was just too amazing. Not your average Kevin James film. It had real plot structure. A good ending, a good moral, good acting. It surprised me.

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  1. Interesting array of films there. I liked yours, too! :)