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Friday, May 22, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 19

The Time Travelers is the definitive episode of How I Met Your Mother in that it has both heart and humor, but also a plethora of inside jokes for the fans of the show. We get a raging debate over whether Robots v. Wrestlers is worthy of attending and some great, high-concept, meta humor with multiple Barneys and multiple Teds (their rendition of For the Longest Time is the best musical moment in the history of the show). But all of the fun is sobered up real quick when Barney tells Ted that he's all alone in the bar. Then, Ted (with this added bonus of hindsight) dashes to his future wife and tells her how much he adores her and wishes he could have more time. I honestly believe that "perfect" is the only adjective to describe this episode.

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  1. Some episodes of this show are so well written and plotted out, it is incredible.