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Thursday, May 24, 2012

17 Years Ago in Orlando

This is awesome. I'll let OMGFacts give you the deets. They describe it well:

"Alex and Donna Voutisinas thought the first time their paths had crossed was when the couple had begun working together at a hotel. As it turns out, they had come within feet of each other at Disney World when they were just toddlers! They came to this startling realization just days before their marriage while searching for baby pictures to be used at their reception. While looking at a photo of Donna’s family taken at the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ Alex saw HIS FATHER pushing a stroller in the background! As it turns out, both the bride and groom’s families had been vacationing on that same day, and they had the photographic evidence to prove it. I guess it just goes to show that “it’s a small world after all”... Most epic photobomb ever."

That's pretty neat. That's mint!

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  1. Wonder if there are other people with coincidences in their photo albums they don't realize! Very cool!