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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Power Hall of Fame Inductees

 JEFFSTER! The awesome band from the show 'Chuck' has made it's way into the Power Hall. Take On Me, men. Take On Me.
 Could it BE any more obvious? Of course Chandler Bing deserves a spot in the Hall. Why wouldn't he? Chananadler Bong. Actually it's MISS Chanandler Bong.
 ADAM RICHMAN. It wouldn't be the Power Hall of Fame without him. Surprising that it took him three years to get here, but nonetheless, he will forever have the biggest plaque.
 The Greendale Seven. The Study Group. Whatever you want to call them, this is the first inductee consisting of multiples, but still counting as seven. Jeff, Britta, Pierce, Annie, Shirley, Troy, and Abed.
Who's number five? Well of course it's Matt Lauer! The host of the Today Show remains to be awesome!

Don't worry people like Rondo, Swedish Chef, Bre'r Rabbit, John McBain. Your day will come. Eventually.

These awesome five inductees will join the likes of our previous recipients: Dustin Pedroia, Tim Tebow, Jason Ritter, Tomie dePaola, Goofy, Tom Hanks, Slinky Dog, Kevin James, Jim Halpert, and Jason Mraz.

Congrats! I love the Power Hall!

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  1. All expected. Wouldn't have thought you'd leave any of them out.