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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Season Finales!

The 2011-2012 television season has come to a close. Yes there will be spoilers. Yes it is sad we have to wait until September for new episodes. These will only be shows that I watch. Sorry, but I can't give a recap of something I don't watch. Any who, recaps (does not include series finales. Here's lookin' at you Rob Schneider):

The Simpsons: That whole Lady Gaga episode was kinda strange. It did set up a potential future Lisa/Milhouse relationship. Hopefully Seasons 24 and 25 are good and their lasts.

Bob's Burgers: I don't know why I like this show, but I do. It's humorous, and strange. That being said, the same goes for the finale. Gene was dressed as a burger monster. Odd.

Family Guy: Two words. Chicken fight.

How I Met Your Mother: I was really pleased that baby Marvin's middle name was Waitforit. It's so great. I'm also pleased that they show Barney marrying Robin, not Quinn. I don't like Quinn.

2 Broke Girls: At this rate, they'll never reach their financial goal. Unless, Martha Stewart cashes in.

Two and a Half Men: Jake has left for the army. My prediction? He'll be back in the season premiere of next year. I don't think Jake would make it in the army.

Mike and Molly: A pretty good wedding episode. Typical Chuck Lorre style. Quality. I wonder what Season Three has in store...

Raising Hope: That was pretty humorous, but it's nice to know that the serial killer is probably dead for real and Jimmy and Hope will return.

New Girl: Nick moved back in. That's good. I'm glad he didn't leave. Then again, I never expected him to.

Hawaii Five-O: Will Kono die? Will McGarrett return? Will Danno stay awesome? Testosterone!

The Middle: Axl's jobs probably won't work out. That's also the most I've ever heard Mike talk in one episode.

Modern Family: Gloria's pregnant? Hubba-wah?! Cam and Mitch didn't get their baby? Hubba-wah?! Dylan didn't get Haley, but she got college? Hubba-wah?!

Happy Endings: I cannot wait until next season. It gonna be am-ah-zing.

Rules of Engagement: Nice to know they'll be returning. Also nice to know that we can expect a little Warburtlet.

The Big Bang Theory: I seriously doubt that Wolowitz is gonna have a smooth flight. Granted he's not gonna die, but they're not gonna have it go perfectly, either. Also, I wonder how Penny and Leonard will turn out.

Parks and Recreation: Did Paul Rudd (Bobby Newport) win the race for City Council? Knope.

30 Rock: Kim Jong-Il provides some forshadowing. Will they actually have Liz and Jack together in the final season. Will Kristen Schaal die? I hope so.

Community: Easily my favorite finale of the year. Can't go wrong with 90 minutes of Chang, video games, and Starburns! I hope it'll remain awesome even without D-Harm. I doubt it, though. That makes me sad, but we'll always have that season finale montage.

The Office: Andy and David Wallace rescue Dunder Mifflin from near-certain death. Robert California is on his way out the door. Catherine Tate. She might be back. That makes me want to take a giant panda swing it around the room and throw it at Tate so her head rolls off, pops out a window and gets run over. Please say goodbye to Tate.

Looking forward to September!

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  1. Good recaps & predictions! Was a good finale season, that's for sure. Long summer wait, made easier with USA and TNT shows! :)