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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Businesses Need Big Changes

What do Facebook, the Red Sox, and Disney all have in common? They're not what they used to be. The Red Sox are in last place. Disney gets bashed by critics. Facebook had an underwhelming stock sale. How do they change. Here's my perspective.

Disney seems like the one in the best position. I love their company and what it stands for. My biggest pet peeve of Disney's is the Disney Channel. Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Wizards of Waverly Place. That's not Disney. That's just sadness. If I ran the Disney Channel, I would show some classic shorts, classic films, newer quality films, maybe even aim for a Wonderful World of Disney. Anything but Miley Cyrus. Other than that, Disney is in perfect shape. They've shut down production of Order of the Seven permanently. Remember that Snow White film with seven monks? I shudder to think what the outcome of that would have been. The new Fantasyland expansion is coming right along. If only that Magic Kingdom movie could just get made already!

The Boston Red Sox are not too far off. They've showed some signs of improvement as of late, but still, from a PR stand point? No. Not working. Here are some ideas: Get rid of Beckett. Get rid of Valentine. Bring an underrated pitcher and another man in the bullpen. That one's gotta be a big name, though. Work with Crawford and Ellsbury. Don't rush them, but work with them more than any others. Imagine that lineup? Ellsbury, Pedroia, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Middlebrooks, Crawford, Saltalamacchia, Aviles. Not too shabby. Cody Ross and Marlon Byrd on the bench? I wouldn't mind that. But get rid of Beckett. get rid of Valentine.

Facebook seems troubled. Maybe even beyond the point of return. Myspace was once prominent. When's the last time you checked it? Like all things, it'll fade out. Twitter is pretty prestigious right now, but it won't be forever. Migration will happen and Facebook will be dead and buried. But there's one thing that Facebook could do to at least improve it. Get rid of the new feature where if someone likes a photo, you see it. Nobody wants to see every picture that somebody likes. Nobody wants to see dead babies, injured dogs, and if you ignore you'll go to hell. Some even say 'Like if you're older than 12.' What? Just what? Get rid of it. Get rid of it now. Maybe it'll improve.

What's your take?

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  1. Good advice and tips for them all! I agree with the Disney Channel stuff, what don't they make better use of their HUGE library of stuff?

    Sox will always be struggling this year, it seems.

    And yeah, Facebook will eventually fade out. Seems inevitable with sites on the Internet.

    Great post!