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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Josh Peck and John Stamos

A new single-camera comedy pilot on FOX is starting to round out its cast. As of right now, the project is untitled (though, the working title, Grandpa, is in place), but the cast is the best part right now. John Stamos of Full House (and most recently, Galavant) fame will play Jimmy, a bachelor who discovers that he is a grandfather when the son he didn't know he had shows up with a two-year-old daughter. Who plays John Stamos' son? Well, just check the photo above and the title of this post. If you don't know the name or recognize him, then you might now him as Ray-Ron from The Mindy Project. OR, OF COURSE, AS JOSH NICHOLS ON DRAKE AND JOSH PURE GOLD PURE GOLD PURE GOLD. I'm all in on this pilot. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Forty seasons and a theme park and a video game and a movie.

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