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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Imitation Game

2014 was the year I saw many of the Best Picture nominees. The Grand Budapest Hotel was flawless, Birdman was phenomenal, Boyhood was a hands-on enlightenment. I definitely saw American Sniper. Probably. I probably did. And I did not see The Imitation Game. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing, I assume, and it was a really well-developed film that seemed much shorter than its run-time, a sign of a good movie. At least, I thought it felt shorter. I wouldn't because I didn't see it. Maybe. It also helped going into the theater not knowing entirely what the movie was about because it allowed the story to unfold in front of me with brisk, World War II-level ignorance. Maybe.

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  1. Well, maybe when you do get to see it you will maybe enjoy it and can review it then.