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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Fifteen Favorite Days of 2014

This was truly a great year, wasn't it? Just going back and finding the exact dates of these wonderful milestones made me realize how lovely it was. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. January 6 - The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon special aired and gave me so much energy that I stayed up all night and watched Drinking Buddies.

2. March 2 - The day I saw every close friend I've had since sixth grade and made a movie with all of them. Kind of surreal now that I think about it.

3. May 2 - The day I got rid of all inhibition and lip synced Let It Go with a friend for my school's variety show.

4. July 3 - This was the day on which my niece, Isabel, was born. It was sweltering, but a good day anyway!

5. July 18 - Despite callouses on my feet, I walked the length of Long Sands Beach in York, Maine with amazing music in my ears.

6. August 7 - I went to Six Flags with two family members, a friend, and one acquaintance. Lumpy McShirt watched over us and ensured a great day.

7. November 8 - I believe this was the day I saw Jimmy Fallon and other comedians live at the Garden for Comics Come Home 2014!

8. October 30 - This was when I was inducted into National Honor Society; it was a whirlwind day, but still one of my favorites that just makes me smile when I think of it.

9. September 17 - I went to a little show called Late Night with Seth Meyers and saw Seth, Tina Fey, Adam Pally, and Grouplove live in person! Still amazing.

10. June 30 - The day Community was saved. My heart still soars as high as it did that day.

11. February 19 - On the nineteenth of February, I went to New York City on Tonight Show premiere week to see a monologue rehearsal from Seth Meyers and explore New York in general. Awesome day.

12. February 17 - This was the day that featured the surreal night of the premiere of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I'm telling ya, there was something magical about that night.

13. October 2 - The day I met B.J. Novak is one that I am always going to treasure and hold very near and very dear to my heart.

14. December 24 - The perennial December 24; it's on the list every year! Christmas Eve is the best day of the entire year!

15. December 19 - The day I watched all three classic Charlie Brown specials (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween) with a friend. God, I love Charlie Brown!

Awesome year.

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