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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

R.I.P. Richard Kiel

Richard Kiel, famous for playing the James Bond villain, Jaws, and the hitman in Silver Streak, died on September 10th. He was seventy-four years old and died in the hospital after breaking his leg a week prior. I knew him best as Happy's old boss, Mr. Larson, in the movie, Happy Gilmore.

"That's three thus far, Shooter."
"Oh good, you can count."
"And you can count on me waiting for you in the parking lot!"

He was a great bit player in that movie, serving as a huge source of fear for Shooter McGavin and a source of encouragement for Happy Gilmore. After all, he was seven feet, two inches tall. He has quite the legacy.

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  1. He was quite a unique individual. He shall be missed.