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Saturday, November 14, 2015

60 Favorite Television Characters: 35

There are two characters on Family Guy who I will always have interest in the stories in which they participate. I may not like the plots, but I will at least be very open to them. Things that Peter or Chris or Meg or Lois do don't really interest me. But I always am eager to see what Brian and Stewie are up to and we've already talked about Stewie on this list so it only makes sense that this post is all about Brian. I know it might be cliche to say this, but everyone knows someone like Brian and if you don't, then that person is probably you. Yes, he can be insufferable at times, but it's ultimately because he is constantly striving to feel like he has an identity. And it's a testament to Seth Macfarlane's creativity, writing ability, and vocal talents that he is able to convey all of this through a dog.

Brian Griffin: Supporting character on Family Guy portrayed by Seth Macfarlane.

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  1. Fun choice. He can be insufferable at times, but he is usually the voice of reason with all the chaos going on around him.