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Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Met Mindy Kaling

I MET MINDY KALING! In an attempt to organize my thoughts in a logical manner that is not dominated by me freaking out, I wrote a short essay about the experience.

If you happened to have seen my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile or talked to me or know me in any way at all as of late, then you probably know that I met one of the most influential celebrities in the world on the fourteenth of September. I met Mindy Kaling.

I know what you're thinking. How did I get to meet a successful, young Renaissance woman who is the perfect package of a prolific writer, gifted actress, intelligent creator, and personable humanitarian/public figure/triple-threat/the most perfect person to walk this planet since either Bobby Kennedy or Tom Brady? Well,the answer to that is easy. I bought her newest book. Why Not Me? is the second book Mindy has published in her career (following Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)), both of which are collections of essays about her life.

In addition to literature, Mindy Kaling is the star, creator, writer, executive producer, and occasional director of the hit Hulu show, The Mindy Project, which came off the heels of her successful eight-year stint as Kelly Kapoor on The Office. She made television history by becoming the first Indian woman to have her own sitcom on network television back when The Mindy Project was on FOX. And I was fortunate enough to meet her. My mother provided me with a much-appreciated hook-up to tickets to Mindy's book signing for Why Not Me? in Brookline, Massachusetts at Brookline Booksmith, a pretty quaint bookstore. As I waited in line, I began to hear her melodious voice as it permeated my outrageously nervous brain, each footstep bringing me closer to my comedy hero.

Finally, copy of her book in hand as I clutched it like Ebenezer Scrooge, nervous to spread goodwill to the Cratchit children, I approached the ethereal Mindy Kaling and she greeted me. And I said nothing. Fear that I would embarrass myself crippled me as my mouth struggled to form words that could be deemed suitable for the queen of comedy. "I'm sorry; I'm just really nervous," eventually became my statement of choice. Mindy, ever the professional, signed my copy and then put her arm around me as I got down on one knee (not to propose marriage, though the thought crossed my panicked mind) to take a picture with her. Afterwards, the conversation extended a few more seconds before I was whisked away by the demands of a lengthy line. It was the most whirlwind,fantastic fifteen seconds of my life.

But she was just so lovely. And I mean, the interaction was really great because I played it off super cool and said things like "I'm really nervous" and "I love you." I did a great job and definitely didn't come across as one of those insane fans, right? I totally thought so, too. I finished the book in a week.

The picture we took together is still my lock screen. And I watch The Mindy Project on Hulu and now I have the privilege of thinking, I met that goddess.

Oh,and she was wearing a sweater that had the year 1970 written on it. I thought that was pretty cool, too.


  1. Great essay, glad you were able to articulate your feelings about the meeting. And glad the meeting itself went well. She seems like a great person.

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