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Sunday, July 27, 2014

100 Best People 2014: 13-11

 13. Ferris Bueller

One of my favorite movie characters. One of my favorite movies. How could I not include Ferris Bueller on this list? His Ferris Buellerian antics are some of the best the world will ever know. He is smooth, he can lip-sync amazingly, and he is a winner. Role model for teens? In some ways, yes. In less ways, no. Nevertheless, he is the best.

 12. Stephen Colbert

I sure am going to miss The Colbert Report, but hopefully The Late Show with him is just as good. It won't have the character, but maybe that'll be okay. The character is a part of what makes Stephen Colbert so great. The biting satire, the intelligent wit. Colbert is one of the smartest comedians I've ever had the pleasure of viewing daily. His books? Phenomenal. His show? Legendary. Like him.

11. Jason Mraz

Oh, boy! You know what this means. The top ten will begin tomorrow! Unfortunately, Jason Mraz here just missed the cut. But, hey. Number eleven is not bad whatsoever! He is such a calm, laid-back singer with a pure, soothing voice. All of his music is good, so it's hard to pick some favorites, but I can. A Beautiful Mess, You and I Both, If It Kills Me, 93 Million Miles, I Won't Give Up, Love Someone, Long Drive, Plane, and, of course, I'm Yours. There's so many good ones. The ones I listed are just a small sliver of his beautiful brilliance.

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