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Monday, July 28, 2014

100 Greatest People 2014: 10-7

 10. Adam Richman

The three-time number one person of the year has still made it in the top ten. Unfortunately, he's no longer number one, but I still love him to death. He's one of my heroes. Change has come and room must be made. But I had to include him! He's the best. I love, Adam Richman. The host of Man v. Food, Best Sandwich in America, Food Fighters, and more. We've interacted on Twitter three times and I adore his book. Of course, there is the "situation." We'll talk about that later. Not now. This is a celebration of a God.

 9. Jim Halpert

Over a year after The Office ended, Jim still has a huge influence and had a huge impact on my life. Funny, smart, clever, romantic, ambitious. Jim is the every-man. We got to watch him grow on The Office and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Plus, all of the Jim faces and the Jim pranks. They just make me happy. So does he.

 8. Tina Fey

One of my favorites. One of the funniest, smartest persons to ever exist. She's a pioneer in sketch comedy and comedy in general. The first female head writer in the history of Saturday Night Live and one of the best Update anchors. Not to mention her many sketches, as well. Plus, her role as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock is iconic and her book, Bossypants, changed my life in that it made me love reading! And, of course, anything she ever does with Amy Poehler is pure gold. Love her.

7. Seth Meyers

I so hope he writes a book one day. But that's beside the point. What the point is might just be similar to Tina. Head writer on SNL, great writer at that, very funny, Update anchor, but while she worked on 30 Rock at 30 Rock with Lorne Michaels, Seth worked on Late Night at 30 Rock with Lorne. Late Night with Seth Meyers is one of the best shows on television today. Couple that with some love from Time Magazine and an Emmys hosting gig this August. You've got one solid guy.

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  1. Definitely makes sense having these four this high up.