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Thursday, July 31, 2014

100 Greatest People 2014: 1

1. Jimmy Fallon

Of course. I'm sure by the end of yesterday's post everyone noticed there was one person missing. And it was glaring. Sixty percent of you actually correctly predicted this. I had to go with Jimmy. I'm sure Adam Richman is okay with Jimmy taking over the top spot, as well. So many credits to his name. He was a cast member on Saturday Night Live, a Weekend Update anchor for two. Since then, he's hosted SNL twice, both holiday episodes, and gone on to do films like Whip It and Fever Pitch. Most of all, though, is what Jimmy is doing right now. He's making television history in a charming way. Jimmy is absolutely killing it as the host of The Tonight Show. For five years, he rocked Late Night with a Emmy and Grammy awards coming from it. Hell, he even hosted the Emmys back then. But now, this is something different. A phenomenon. Classroom instruments, Ew!, Tight Pants, Thank You Notes, parody songs, all of it. All of it is special because of that something Jimmy has. Everybody always says the cliche, "I don't know what it is, but he's got it." And Jimmy fully embodies that. But on another level because that's where he is. Jimmy not only has "it," he transcended "it." What he has is so much more than "it." It's something we'll never see again and something some say we haven't seen since Johnny Carson. I don't think so. Jimmy is special. Jimmy is different. Jimmy is...number one.

Tomorrow? A full recap of the 100 Greatest People list. Today? A celebration of Jimmy.

Congratulations to the world's greatest person of 2014. Jimmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy Faaallllllllllllonnnnnnnn!

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  1. Not surprising. But he has had not only quite the year but quite the last 5 years or so! Great countdown, loved reading and seeing who placed where.